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Meet Veronica she is nothing short of a bad ass, not your typical airy fairy coach. She is the founder of vulnerable as f***.

“Veronica Kaulinis is the Founder of Vulnerable AF. She is a professional Community Builder and International Facilitator who's passionate about creating experiences that encourage depth, authentic conversations, courageous vulnerability, and leadership. Her work is inspired by Authentic Relating, Tantra, Non-violent Communication and Embodiment practices. She's passionate about people experiencing authentic connections and real conversations around the world.”

  • Veronica what would you say is your super power?

In addition to my epic dance moves, my superpower is my ability to show others how to dissolve their armour.

  • Which one of the Disney characters best describes you?

 Moana! I've always had a deeper calling that called me and it had me leave the safety of my home town just like Moana did. (Loveeee that movie!)

  • What is your favorite piece of jewelry and why? Does it give you a super power?

My Bali necklace made by AnandaSol because on the back of it, it says: "My love is powerful”

  • How would you describe your work and what you do?

I show high-achieving women how to breakthrough people-pleasing patterns so they embrace vulnerability as their greatest strength.  I'm the Founder of a global movement - Vulnerable AF, which encourages vulnerability and thought-provoking conversations in a brave space. My mission is to open broken hearts all over the world and to dissolve any negative stigmas about vulnerability. Her work is inspired by Authentic Relating, Non-violent Communication, Embodiment practices and Transformational Development. 

What would you say is the mindset that is needed to:

  1. Achieve your personal goals

Stay in your own lane, don’t worry about what others are doing, stay focused on your mission and be yourself.

  1. Feel comfortable in your own skin?

Yes I do, but I wasn't always like this. It took a lot of inner-work, ownership of my BS, inner- growth, and self-love to become comfortable in my own skin today.

  1. Why is vulnerability so important?

Vulnerability is important because your truth is your greatest strength. So many women come to me because they fear that if they reveal too much of their heart - it

will push people away. Your softness and your heart is your greatest weapon. It's the gateway to deeper intimacy. 

  1. During this time of Covid what can people do to still have community in their lives and connect with each-other?

During this time of Covid, it's important to ask better questions. Be curious, be interested instead of interesting!

  1. Do you think how one dresses plays a role in how you feel and carry yourself?

I believe you should do what feels the most aligned for you. When I dress in my favorite clothes, I feel like a Queen and that's who I want to feel like and treat myself as every single day.

  1. How do you define authentic relating?

Authentic relating is communication and practical tool that cultivates deeper connection. I love it!

  1. What is the biggest disconnect between the way men and women communicate?

The biggest disconnect is ego. I love seeing people take off the armour and open their hearts.

If you could share some tips or an exercise with our readers on how to start real conversations between the sexes so that each feel’s seen and heard?

  1. Ask yourself, what is it that you really desire
  2. Communicate clearly and honestly
  3. Stop apologizing for being exactly who you are #beunapologetic

Lastly, what makes Bali such a magical place to live?

Bali is magical because there's something special about this place. In Bali, there's an abundance of talented healers, community, entrepreneurs, things to do and of course being in nature feels so nice especially during this time. 

If you want to connect with Veronica or attend her next on- line course see below. If your in Bali attend one of her workshops, if not well we just gave you a reason to travel :)



Story by :

Laura Abeyta is from Los Angeles California a regular to Bali for 15 years, currently living in Bali. Co- founder of HappNow an app that connects you with cool experiences. She writes about travel, fashion, mindset, luxury and adventure. Having traveled the world gathering a multitude of adventures, gives her a unique perspective. A self proclaimed serial entrepreneur and cultural assessor.  Laura loves backstory and being a voice for experiences, places and mindsets.

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