When all else fails create tacos!

Meet Jethro Vincent the man behind Bali’s ever growing lifestyle eatery, “Veneno”. Tell me if you don’t want to jump on the next plane and try a taco or two!

The sun is literally setting behind the bar with waves crashing. A spicy Margarita awaits me which fits my mood just fine. The biggest assortment of tequila on the island, 34 different bottles are served here and the best prices too! A warm greeting by one of Bali’s chef superstars Jethro Vincent the chef behind Sisterfields cafe, Bossburger, Bikini restaurant, Fika café & Holi Curry. During his sabbatical he even spent six weeks consulting for La Brissa and La Plancha. What a slacker this man is.

Wait for it. Now his first solely owned establishment Veneno a overnight sensation that took a lifetime to create, is now opening. 

Bali’s newest find was created by Jethro Vincent out of passion, burn out, depression and love. We all had setbacks in our life during these trying times whether it be Covid loss of business or a personal issue that we suffered from privately. No one really knows what we go through and what it takes to pivot and create something new. Pivot Jethro, did just that after feeling burnt out and working non stop on the island of the gods it was time for a change. In his down time after 7 months of just being a social butterfly recharging and dealing with a life change he thought ok, enough!  What do I love to do ? What is my passion in life ? Create good food! Years of experience and preparation lead up to this moment. The next thought was tacos, salsa, mexican food in a cozy place by the sea with late night tunes and a ocean view. Presto, it’s amazing how one can manifest such a venue just by your mindset. A unheard of 6 weeks turn around and Veneno was born. 

I asked Jethro how does one begin to create a menu, step one, he first sees the dishes in his mind, step 2, he does research, step 3, the fun part is experimenting. Keep in mind Jethro has never been to a real mexican restaurant. I mean he has never been to Mexico or Los Angeles so this is all coming from his brain and finely tuned taste-buds. I’m picturing a mad scientist with hot sauce all over him in a sexy apron . Maybe that’s just me. 

Once that’s done it was time to create the brand since it was created during Covid and at a pivotal moment in his life Jethro wanted the brand to reflect that state of mind. The brand has a gangster attitude. Tongue in chick no Fuc.. given.  Lighten up people and enjoy your life with a side of salsa a shot of happiness and tequila. That kind of energy is infectious. 

The comfy sofas, graffiti walls and the red light moody atmosphere make you feel you can spend hours here just eating great food chilling out with your friends. It feels like home. Weathered wood that looks like its been there for ages, 3 venue spots in one location please come experience them all. I had the pleasure of sampling his food the chorizo tacos are a must on any taco lovers list, its a great mixology. Dessert was churos with his own creation of a mouth watering dipping sauce. You would want to take some home for later. Feel like perving on hot surfers in the morning as they order their breakfast burritos just plant yourself on any seat and watch them roll in.

After dark they hold legendary parties overlooking the ocean, beats pumping can be heard along the shoreline beckoning you to come and get your groove on. Hip hop nights, techno nights, drum and base. It’s a chance to let your hair down with No fu… given. I think we could all use a little more of this vibe in our life right now. Thank you Jethro for delivering again keeping your passion alive so we can all share in your real live dreams. Come get happy !

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/veneno_bali/


About the Author

 Laura Abeyta, migrated from Venice beach California 4 years ago after 12 years of trips visiting Bali. Her documentary film experience and her passion for backstory give her a unique insider lens to Bali. Lauras love of people the art of sharing their dreams and vision of the person and the soul of the brand is what she enjoys bringing to our readers. You can find Laura up loading great content for her app HappNow to share Bali with the world.   

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